Hi Dear Customer!!

If you are wondering what is the best way to work on your Weekly Assignment, check this out!

The UBB program is built to give you 1 Weekly Assignment after doing your personal assessment, a pillar would look something like this:

The Pillar being "Core Activation" (As an example)

  • 2 sets of:

  • Your Weekly Assignment would be made up of various pillars like this one. We recommend you do the whole Assignment (all pillars) 1-3 times a week to complete it and get better results.

    If you are completely new to exercise, you can break your pillars throughout the week and start with 1 time, then work your way up to 2 and 3 times.

    Keep in mind that the program doesn't have a set prescription of how to work on your assignment as we work with a wide variety of folks and diverse schedules, also you can go to the FAQ section within your UB program:


    And you will find a nice suggestion from Kate on how to break your pillars under "How often do I do the weekly assignment?"

    Since it is a 12 week program your Weekly Assignments will not stop coming to you each week, thus we recommend that you move through all pillars at that pace and take on the task to get amazing results!

    Please let us know should you have further concerns.

    Best Regards!

    The UB Support Team