Hello Dear Customer!

Congratulations on your exciting goal to build an Unbreakable Body!

This is the list of Equipment Gear you will need to carry on your Program:

*Pull-Up Bar 

Purchase Here

*Suspension trainer
Note: Some pull up bars come with the attachment to do this exercise if yours did not, you could purchase one of these two options:

1- Suspensión Trainer Handles Only (Purchase Here)

2- Gymnastic Rings

*Mini Bands

Purchase Here

*Stability Ball 

Purchase Here

(**See Product Description on Amazon to know what size fits you best)

*Jump Rope

Purchase Here


a) 3/5/8 lb
Purchase Here

b) 10 lb
Purchase Here

c) 15 lb

Purchase Here

*Medicine Ball 
Purchase Here

*Personal PVC Pipe

a) Purchase 5+ feet from home goods or hardware store. Must be 1 ½ inch thickness.

b) Cut to 5 feet length

(Can't find PVC piping? A broom handle works well, too)

*Foam Roller

Purchase Here

*Lacrosse Ball

Purchase Here

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