If you are a customer of either the Unbreakable Body or DeskStrong and are wondering if you would be a good fit for the other product? Please read this information:


Ok, first — what do each of these programs do differently? 

The Unbreakable Body gives you 12 week training cycles to develop your foundational strength and mobility.

It creates a durable and injury resistant body, so that you're more prepared for whatever life throws at you.

DeskStrong is a collection of movements, stretches and exercises that eliminates the causes and relieves the discomfort of aches and pains in the office or workplace.

By following DeskStrong's Recommended Daily Routine, you'll be stopping the causes of aches and pains before they affect you.

And if you're already suffering from aches and pains in the office, you'll find that this provides you relief.

(This is especially useful if you're just starting out with your foundational strength and mobility.)

Second — what if you have the In Office Brain And Body Refresh Protocol?

(You can skip this question if you don't have The In Office Brain And Body Refresh Protocol)

If you already have access to the In Office Brain And Body Refresh Protocol, you're probably wondering what the difference is between that and DeskStrong.

Here's the scoop:

DeskStrong is a fully updated version of the Refresh Protocol.
It contains: 

-A new mini-massage guide

-A bonus app guide

-A quick start guide

-And daily recommended routine you can print out and stick on your desk.

If you already have the Refresh Protocol, and still want to get more information and tools to eliminate your office aches and pains, you can join DeskStrong .

But please note - DeskStrong is a big evolution of The In Office Brain And Body Refresh Protocol. It is not a completely new product - but it certainly has a lot more tools and information for you to use.

That's the lot!

So let us know if you have further questions, we are here for you!

Best Regards!

The FFRL Support Team