Hello dear customer!

Do you wonder how or if you should use the information Blocks you see underneath each of the program's exercise videos?

Here is your answer!

You must ALWAYS and ONLY refer to your personalized UB Weekly Assignment for your exercises, reps, and supersets, NOT the blocks underneath the videos.

Your weekly assignment week 1 will likely not be the same as the week 1 that is listed under the video because your assessment determined where you should be starting based on your current needs.

The box under the video is simply showing how an exercise progresses over time.

Essentially, the box under the video has NO bearing on what you should be doing. Always refer to your UB Weekly Assignment for your personal routine.

We hope this information was helpful and clear.

Otherwise please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you in whatever you need regarding your UB program.

Best Regards!

The UB Support Team